Business Unit Management Staff

  1. Minimum S1 Business Administration / Equivalent
  2. Have experience related to marketing and event organizing
  3. Able to communicate well
  4. Have partners in renting out venues or locations for events
  5. Fast, honest, thorough and disciplined
  6. Can use MS Office and Google Docs well
  7. Have the ability to carry out negotiations
  8. Have good analytical and calculation skills
Key Responsibilities
  1. Coordinating with the general department in matters relating to the maintenance and repair of leased facilities and infrastructure.
  2. Coordinate with unit leaders regarding the schedule for the use of facilities and infrastructure.
  3. Coordinating with vendors regarding schedules and prices for rental of facilities and infrastructure.
  4. Search for vendors who will collaborate in leasing facilities and infrastructure.
  5. Carry out routine calculations on facilities and infrastructure that are rented (determine rental targets, and determine rental prices for facilities and infrastructure).
  6. Carrying out inventory data on all facilities and infrastructure that are rented
  7. Develop SOPs related to facilities and infrastructure rental regulations (things that are allowed and what are not allowed
  8. Create an MOU for tenants of facilities and infrastructure
  9. Make monthly report
Job Application Form
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